The Spine of our Application Services: ETS’ EMA ETS’s EMA --The service’s mobile app allows patients to take their access to online appointment scheduling, electronic health records and patient-doctor communication on the go. EMA consolidates online access to records from all of your participating healthcare organizations in one convenient place.

Usability: Through the mobile app, your patients can see their test results, prescribed medications, immunization history and medical records on their smartphone or tablet.

Appointment scheduling and bill pay features: This allows patients to set up appointments and pay for services simply. Patients can also contact their doctor through EMA to ask a question or share medical records from other physicians.

Comfort to your patients: If your patients use a activity tracking app, you can pull health and fitness data from that tracker and add it to your EMA records. EMA offers secure communication for free for both iPhone and Android users, and the widespread popularity of the online patient portal service among healthcare organizations makes the app relevant across some of the largest and most respected healthcare systems.

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